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Jews are used as over the top advisories to the human race ... but in reality the people on top are beyond "white" or "European" and are bound by blood.. Bloodlines oversees "race"....

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China perhaps, Iran, Russia. Large countries or alliances of countries with strong military and strong economy seeking to abandon the federal reserve system and create their own asset backed currencies to gain independence from the new world order and make their own new national order.

Religions absolutely, Islam, the Vatican etc. Question is, if the US collapses, who's gonna defend Israel from Islam. Israel controls part of the European nationalist movement who promote rage against Muslims, all while also mass importing Muslims to case the exact type of problems that makes Europeans naturally hate Muslims.

Makes you wonder if Israel expect Europe to defend them from Muslim invasion, what's their backup plan if Europe is too busy dealing with it's own problems.

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it's all hubris, they always play both sides thinking they can manipulate people just the right way so at the end they'll emerge victorious as masters over the docile mongrels after the violent elements in different factions killed each other off.