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Oy vey, removed (.win rule not consumeproduct.win rule) but consumeproduct.win can force it to be allowed, if needed. I used {{ }} (two not three) and seems ok for post headings

Also deletion is what JEW KIKE TORBA's GAB did to jew namers in the past.

Gab not only banned Patrick Little for NO VALID REASON, he early on hid comments with the words "kike" and "nigger" but those sometimes are banned on most sites.

GAB BANNED JEW NAMERS and never invited them back!

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they just added a new one "Gorillion" spelled various ways, I hear.

And for comments anything with "IN Mxxcraft" is censored for review.

u/TalllestSkill had censored comments shoahed here that had "IN Mxxcraft" in the comment, but I cant see the whole comment . the sentence also called for civil war upheaval.

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It's the (((community filter))) aka the algojew. It's easily offended.