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iDinduNuffin 6 points ago +10 / -4

Then be honest.

Was Christianity created by Whites?

Does Christianity prioritize or even endorse racial struggle?

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iDinduNuffin 8 points ago +9 / -1

Who was Christianity created by?

Does it matter if the White race goes extinct?

fourleaved 10 points ago +13 / -3

Christianity was created by God

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Implemented by Hebrews who truly saw Jesus for what he was and had the guts to turn their backs on the degenerate pharisees of Babylon who had as much power as the vatican back in that era. Being banished from the synagogues and the country and losing your place in the family cemetery was like a death sentence in those days, you have no one to rely on. They threw away everything just to follow Christ's teachings. They are forgotten by the modern Christians, the same ones who worship the porn Jews in the name of muh zionism.

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Pre-Islamic Levantines have caucasian features. Travel. You'll see blond people with blue and green eyes, especially in the Christian communities there.

Islam brought racemixing into the region.

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Does "caucasian features" = White? Arabs aren't the race at question here, jews are. I can go anywhere in the US and find jews that look like this. If I look long enough I can find jews with full-on White features too. They're still jews.

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Are Greeks and Italians White? If yes, then basically the whole Mediterranean is, including the Levant.

If no, then carry on.

parodious 1 point ago +1 / -0

Yes they were white. They were not Scandinavians obviously but they were on the far end of the white spectrum, racially.

Even slightly darker areas like ancient Egypt had more in common with Europeans than anyone else as per DNA tests and the Levantines were less dark than that, and many still are today.

The point is simply that Western civilization took a lot from the Mediterranean region, as opposed to nonsense about how it all came from black people.

Christianity also acknowledges differences in tribe, not in terms of the opportunity to be saved, but in Earthly matters, such as with the Samaritans which is on the level of small territories not intermingling - and this is approved, even taken for granted. It is only said that it is admirable to rescue someone left for dead even if he is from another tribe, no more than that. The big breakthrough was saving someone in trouble and only idiots have conflated this with "no borders" race mixing bullshit. Jesus even called a Samaritan woman a dog, in a trolling fashion, even though she is saved in matters of faith; clearly in Earthly matters tribes are binding.

This means that if randos in the middle of Africa convert to Christianity, that's good for them but in no way should they come here or gain some kind of automatic entry into our tribe.

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Jesus was white.

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Why was his real name "Yeshua"?