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Faggotry is a fetish. Fetishes are picked up from the environment. Simple as.

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or maybe parasites

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though not in my fun fact #938 below, a couple CORRELATION (not causation) studies relate to intestinal parasites from gays who have anal sex. chicken and egg, and also not all intestinal parasites get into human brain. You are correct mainly because you hedged using the word "MAYBE". parasites that affect brain or hormones cant be fully ruled out.

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i hear ivermectin is great against parasites

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Ivermectin is anti-semitic!

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very much so

then 13 points ago +15 / -2

Fetishes might be partly genetic too, by the way. But....

FUN FACT #938 : Gay males are born with feminized brains : Gay Men, Straight Women Have Similar Brain Structures in MRI imaging scans.

( A rare revelation in leftist ABC news). Imagine leftist ABC reprinting this fact in 2021 ?:


Males and females brains are different.

A partly gay leaning male can be flipped all gay via child molester faggots, but that still requires LATENT homosexuality seen in brain scans.

Its all actually well accepted and re-confirmed science. The photographs of the brains in the science papers are fact.

Additionally gay brains happen to have same features as female brains, and shockingly, even lateralization similarities (macro topology).

Naturally half-gay people can be flipped "all gay" , but all gay men have proven feminized brains.

I am referring to blatantly visible brain hemisphere lateralization specialization at over 20 feet distance (I have done it in labs from 20 feet).

When I stated "lateralization similarities (macro topology)" above, it refers to very visible coloration inside the brain, with makes having far more lateral differentiation. Basically fatty sheathed neurons CRAWL from one side of brain to other and migrate creating huge massive visible from 20 feet away effect between adult female and adult male brains.

Now my link also indicated that a gay brain can be spotted 20 feet away if cleaved in half laterally.

In the early 1900s scientists guessed race and gender of brains on lab benches 90% accurately. In 2021, the same visual demonstration would show faggot brains can be determined not just using MRI of microscopic regions, but also 20 feet away from Myelinically sheathed migrated cells.

2018: Prenatal and pubertal testosterone affect brain lateralization:

Sadly, I feel I might end up being the only STEM educated person in this particular thread so far, and all my statements attacked.

When I said most scientists can guess race and gender from 20 feet away, ONE SCIENTIST was tested with 80 assorted brains and correctly guessed over 90%, He got 75 out of 80 brains correct!

93.7% guess success rate !

Page 411 : 75 out of 80 times in a BLIND test of brain determination, the RACE and GENDER were accurately guessed.

75 out of 80 brains the author of the science papers on nigger brain differences was correct when he was tested.

"Some Racial Peculiarities of the Negro Brain:"


It would have been 100% correct guesses, if all brains only same gender or same race, but 75 out of 80 is conclusive.

That same experiment can detect gay male brains now due to brain lateralization in that ABC pop science news link :


Other vertebrates?

Fish can be turned gay, or even female, with just a tiny amount of soy , when embryos :

Soyboy: Japanese Researchers Use Soybean Compound to Turn all Male Fish Into Females:

A concentration of merely 400 micrograms per liter yielded a 100% female group, far less needed just to turn them gay

birth order studies in humans show that the THIRD SON BORN is the gayest son, because mothers body builds up antagonistic effect to testosterone flood during a special brief phase of baby fetal development.

hundreds of birth order studies in humans exist.

Also primate studies.

And LESBIANS TOO are now proven created in womb by over 2 million birth and later marriage records in Scandinavia for 100 years that focused only on FRATERNAL TWINS vs societal norm for lesbianism. Male fetus turns sister fetus into a butch man-hater IN THE WOMB.

Its too much to talk about.

And I learned long ago that I am possibly trying to cross an "intellectual chasm" in many science discussions when I mention brain scans.

Hundreds of books and thousands of science papers are on my side.

TL/DR: A Latent homosexual can be flipped "all gay" from molestation, but BRAIN must be prior feminized in womb or chemicals.

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then 1 point ago +3 / -2

PHOTOS of brain scans will never convince the non-scientific.

PHOTOS of gay brains look like cross sections of FEMALE BRAINS.

And though I have been very coy above, and not referenced things too anecdotally revealing about my identity... I will now boast that when I cited a guy in a paper using a view 20 feet away on a lab bench ...

"When I said most scientists can guess race and gender from 20 feet away, ONE SCIENTIST was tested with 80 assorted brains and correctly guessed over 90%, He got 75 out of 80 brains correct"

I can tell you I did the same full 20 feet distance, but with merely two brains, not 80, in an anatomy class lab. Male and female have lateralization coloration patterns blatantly visible from 20 feet away when cut in half.... AND SO DO GAYS.

But this crap sounds like Faucian "trust the science" bs to me

You are not scientifically inclined I fear.

Its all actually well accepted and re-confirmed science. The photographs of the brains in the science papers are fact.

Science is not computer engineering nor math degrees, though both in STEM.

The "S" in stem is science : chemistry , biology, physics and other "ologies"

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thanks for bringing some truth to this site. Tired of seeing all the morons screaming that all the gays are from gay uncle rape and propaganda causing them to choose the lifestyle.

I never choose this shit.

Also, there is a HUGE difference between being gay, and being a faggot. you can be born gay and not buy into all the degenerate brain washing telling everyone they HAVE to be degenerate anal whores with no morals or they are not 'being true to their identity

The liberal hate me for being conservative (most of) the conservatives hate me for being born gay the faggots hate me for not being their ideal of what "gay" means in modern society.

Yes, I have had people try to dress as a woman or convince me I was trans. Yes I've had faggots try to insist if I won't butt sex then I'm not really gay, and its just something you need to 'get used to' yes the who 'gay community' is garbage communist brainwashing psyop bullshit but most are to blind to see it, OR twist it into something its not.

and the most important thing, there are pedos and perverts who are into sick nasty shit and use 'gay' as a shield when they get caught. There is nothing 'gay' about narcisists who get off on power and control over the helpless. that's not about gender or sexual identity, that's about being evil.

kevin spacey is not gay or bi. he is a perv who gets off on exploiting others. He likes to force straight men to stick his cock in their mouth. not because he's gay and likes men. (or hed hook up with gays) it's about forcing ppl out of their comfort zone and forcing them to cross lines they would never want to cross.

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The gays from gay uncle rape didn't choose it, either. The fact that some people may be born with this condition doesn't justify the alphabet brainwashing and sexual abuse of children that is going on in today's culture, so you should 100% be against it.

Look, I believe you, but stop identifying as a faggot. As you said yourself, they don't give a shit about you and they are evil, so stop giving a shit about them. You may have such a condition, but you can be so much more than that.

Turn to God and live a Christian life and your problem won't matter anymore.

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So do you consider yourself "born" gay, or do think environmental factors, possibly when you were aged <6 have influenced you? Or can you recollect any instances that might have contributed to you becoming gay? Or rather a time up until which you were not gay?

I for one was never gay nor had any inclination of being gay. When I was 6 I flirted with my elementary teacher because she was hot.

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I had no sexual attraction at all, thought i was asexual and my peers where hormonal and crazy. Then one day when i was about 16, sophomore yeah of high school i woke up and hormones hit me like a ton of bricks. Suddenly men turned me on, and females still didn't. I had a rough child hood, but no rougher then most of my peers. No sexual abuse. Got pretend straight married for a while and tried to fake it but my wife left me for someone who actually wanted to have sex with her. No matter how much i loved her you cant fake the feeling of physical attraction, and i never ever have been able to feel that for a female.

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I had a rough child hood, but no rougher then most of my peers.

Are you sure about that? Child neglect, single motherhood, domestic abuse, and God knows what else may all have contributed to that. Maybe you are merely trying to downplay what has occurred to you in your childhood? Because nobody in their right mind would say "well, I was stabbed 10 times as I was robbed, but well, other people had worse happen to them." No, most people didn't have something like that ever happen to them, and other people having it happen to them does not alleviate your personal issues.

Do you sense a desire of revenge against your parents? Do you want them to suffer for their actions, and punish them in some way - for example by ending your bloodline, to make them feel like losers, as they have to watch you do gay stuff that never leads to a family?

Maybe this idea of subconscious hatred against your parents, while superficially having to claim to love them might have rooted in your mind at young age, to the point it defined a major part of your life. And all you need to do is to reflect on this possibility and understand yourself and your actions.

This "I will end my bloodline" notion is a behavior that often occurs with people who resent their parents - and as such their own existence. And it may be manifested in various ways. For women it would be the radical feminist, the crazy cat lady, the single mother by accident, the coalburner. For men there are incels, volcels, mgtow, fapping degenerates, the consumerism obsessed, the trannies, gays, etc.

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You ARE a faggot.

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What I don’t understand is that we know brains develop over time. So could this not be a chicken and an egg thing?

The brain adapting to faggotry rather than faggotry adapting to the brain (for lack of better terminology).

Contrary to Hollywood, I’ve never actually seen a “gay baby”.

parodious 2 points ago +2 / -0

It is. I don't have time rn but look at the study about London Taxi drivers vs Bus drivers' brains on fMRI.

Neuropolasticity is a thing.

then 0 points ago +1 / -1

babies are born gay, and in mammal studies hormones can force lab animals to be born gay, and a proper brain scan would show if a baby has a gay brain

Notablitheringidiot 2 points ago +2 / -0

But even in the first article you linked they only suggest it as a possibility.

Literally everyone they seemed to scan was post-pubescent which speaks nothing to the “born that way” theory.

I’m down with getting scientific, I just don’t think it’s as conclusive as you’re making it out to be.

Your post was long so I may have missed something, but has there ever been a long-term (20+ years) from birth to adulthood study done on the subject?

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TROOOOOST da soyance!

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then 1 point ago +1 / -0

Any science paper disproving 100s of papers saying you are WRONG?

I see. YOu like talking lies based on 80 years of solid science.

Brain photos proving you wrong should be good enough to make you quit lying.

quit lying. learn science.

I factually said : PHOTOS of brain scans will never convince the non-scientific.

PHOTOS of gay brains look like cross sections of FEMALE BRAINS

you cannot accept what your own eyes can see? Then you are a loon.

Fabius 1 point ago +1 / -0

What does the brain of a psychopath look like?

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then 1 point ago +1 / -0

all you typed is nonsense strawmen associated with my topics.

I was talking about brain STRUCTURES : lateralization. Not mass of brain size ratios.

you cant accept science. I did not read past your non scientific claims.

I factually said : PHOTOS of brain scans will never convince the non-scientific.

PHOTOS of gay brains look like cross sections of FEMALE BRAINS

you cannot accept what your own eyes can see? Then you are a loon.

Fabius 1 point ago +1 / -0

Homosexuality is a behavioral abnormality. You're trying to justify it by saying homosexual males have the brain scans of heterosexual females. You're really just proving my point.

What "science" justifies as normal a male brain imitating a female brain? All you're saying is that homosexuals are abnormal. Yes.

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I knew Sargon lurked here.

Give us a sermon from the book of Dadism

Notablitheringidiot 1 point ago +1 / -0

My sister has a gay friend.

Loe and behold I found out there was abuse in his family and his brother isn’t gay but equally messed up in other ways.

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I don't want my kids to be black

Correct. Wiggertry is not tolerated here.

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Look at how many white women and soyboys try to act black because of nigger noise? I don't want my kids acting black so we shouldn't depict their behavior in a positive manner on TV when their culture is clearly decadent.

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I’d beat the shit out of my children if they started acting like niggers

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If it was natural, kids wouldn't need to be constantly exposed to it to remember that it is "okay" to be a faggot

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Africans aren't born out of child abuse... 😑

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Guess you haven't seen typical black parenting yet.

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I've noticed lefties can never debate without constantly throwing swear words and insults. They're so overly emotional

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What’s worse is their “insults” are lame as shit. Zero creativity.

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Being a jogger is a choice though.

Having black children is also a choice.

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As my understanding grew (partially thanks to William Lane Craig) I'd say maybe being gay isn't a choice but we have a choice to act accordingly. For instance if I have a car that needs to warm up in the morning i can choose to let it warm up before driving. If I have a medical condition i can choose to still figure out a fitness plan for me. I'd try something like that and people think being gay means the person has no control but to be a flaming faggot everywhere.

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There is a difference between seeing a gay person and having unadulterated gayness shoved down everyones throat all the god damn time.

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Faggots are all groomed.

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We know.

Unnotable 3 points ago +3 / -0

I don't want black people on tv

But it's not a choice

Don't care

Julius_Severus 3 points ago +4 / -1

I also hate when black people are on tv

Crockett 1 point ago +1 / -0

Fakest and gayest screenshot ever.

K98_Mauser_Boi 1 point ago +1 / -0

I don’t want blacks or fags on tv

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Correct response to the second is “yah that too”.

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This is the fakest alley oop slam dunk screenshot. First text trying to sound like a reasonable olive branch “or something”. Nobody says “Ummmm”

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I don't have a choice either

It's way past time we passed legislation to kill all the gays.

That's how I was born.

Fabius 1 point ago +1 / -0

Homosexuality is a choice. There is no genetic component to homosexuality. It is not hereditary or biologically induced. It is 100% behavioral.

PurestEvil 1 point ago +1 / -0

Proper response: "You too?"

cont -- "Thank God, I hate niggers too. They are terrible, and I too don't want my children to be exposed to their niggerspeak and violent-degenerate behaviors."

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Number of homosexuals and trans people increasing at an exponential rate...


also fags

"We will turn your children gay."

But... I thought it wasn't a choice?

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Being a nigger is a choice because they could just off themselves

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I didn't realise being black was a fetish

crash7863 1 point ago +1 / -0

Justin Trudeau sure likes it.

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Black people don't choose to get married ?

I think it's because they have to fill in forms

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literally just don't suck dicks