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i'm sorry but i need to rant for a moment. If you don't care about it then tough shit don't read it.

Anyway, why the fuck are we allowing these subhumans to breathe? I was on a bus yesterday. (sidenote i've been seeing a lot more nogs at stops lately. strange). Some fucker (gypsy of course) brake checks the driver. He obviously stops making a few of us lose our balance(There are not a lot of seats so a lot of us had to stand up). Some gypsy whore with hoop earrings and fake lashes 1 meter long explodes yelling at the driver and shouting all insults it can think of.

Next stop it gets off the bus, only to be replaced by another one stinking like a fucking outhouse. The second it gets on it starts blasting its shitty music. Some people stop him and then he looks around (probably to try and pickpocket). Realizing there's no easy target it runs.

I get off the bus a few stops later and start walking home. I have the misfortune of walking past a gypsy block and there's garbage everywhere. You can imagine the stench. I turn around a corner next to a store and there's a gyppo waiting obviously to pickpocket people carrying shopping bags who wouldn't have their hands in their pockets or suspect anything.

Today i had to run a couple of errands and the second i leave my building i am greeted with the all-too-familiar sound of a gypsy female shouting "old iron, new iron! We're buying iron!". It's so loud that its calls can be heard even by the dead. I glance at the nearest white person and it's like our minds fucking connected. It's that "yeah...these subhumans" nod.

Seriously why are they allowed to exist? At least the niggers i've interacted with mind their own fucking business

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Multiple times in my life, I have heard civic nationalist boomer types say: "Racism is bad in all its forms, except when it comes to Gypsies. They're honestly just untrustworthy thieving scum."