New collapse just dropped (media.consumeproduct.win)
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TallestSkil 27 points ago +27 / -0

Sounds like the opposite of collapse to me.

Monky 17 points ago +17 / -0

Collapse of the jewish occupation.

repeatoffender 18 points ago +18 / -0

How the hell did they get "withdrawn" from global routing tables? I've seen this happen before when someone forgets to renew a domain registry, but total shutdown?

Looks like they renewed over a week ago, so why drop today? Their expiration cycles in March so that's not it either.

Registry Domain ID: 2320948_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.registrarsafe.com
Registrar URL: http://www.registrarsafe.com
Updated Date: 2021-09-22T19:33:41Z
Creation Date: 1997-03-29T05:00:00Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2030-03-30T04:00:00Z
WeedleTLiar 13 points ago +13 / -0

Somebody fucked up reeeeal good

Side-o-Beef_Curtains 12 points ago +12 / -0

Say it with me, "diversity hire".

elleand202 2 points ago +2 / -0

My guess is outsourced to India.

Side-o-Beef_Curtains 1 point ago +1 / -0

Don't get me started. The next town over has a colony of Indian guest workers here on visas working at several tech companies that moved here to escape California taxes. I hate them equally with Niggers. Their behavior is different, but no less anyone. They need to go shit in their own street.

EternalJew 8 points ago +8 / -0

No need to thank me

perpetual_notion 4 points ago +4 / -0

My guess is it was done on purpose to build up the "cyberpandemic."

Chick-Fil-A 1 point ago +1 / -0

Facebook got taken down by three letters: BGP

PrezElectHamsandwich 1 point ago +1 / -0

The Verge has an article saying it was actually BGP, not DNS, that was responsible for the failure.

Also, apparently the problem started at Facebook itself, which stopped publishing routes to their systems. They blamed in on human error, but it does seem to be a bit too convenient given the timing.

This tweet gives another possible motive, although it's probably just a joke.

TL;DR: Facebook blacked themselves out, blamed human error

Emacs 16 points ago +16 / -0

What's this power plug do?

TamePanda 13 points ago +13 / -0

Hopefully it is off forever.

fuckyoupelosi 1 point ago +1 / -0

The world would be a better place

WeedleTLiar 7 points ago +7 / -0

I finally had a day to check out a group I joined listing anti-jab restaurants. I never go on facebook otherwise.

I mean, fuck facebook, but the timing is just, wow.

SnakePlisken1776 5 points ago +5 / -0

Face book is back online. Kinda wish I had an account to see how long it would take for them to flag my memes.

ChippingToe 5 points ago +5 / -0

Listen you fucks, this was a false flag to instill more fear about cyber terrorism. That's the next hoax. They will use it to lockdown the internet like they used covid to lockdown the world.

PrezElectHamsandwich 2 points ago +2 / -0

Yes, according to this article it does seem likely that Facebook caused this incident themselves, but in a way that could plausibly be blamed on human error.

golliwogs 1 point ago +1 / -0

If this were just an ordinary hack, it would never have been televised and hyped up anywhere near as much as it has. That's how you know. They do this every fucking time.

They've openly said that a "cyber pandemic" is next on the agenda. We're at the point where they literally give you a heads up ahead of time, and we of all people still can't figure it out.

TransApache 2 points ago +3 / -1

People who only use whatsappstein and faceberg deserve the outage, you knowingly use a platform dominated by a kike, and not one that pretends to be neutral while still largely favoring NPCs, they are unapologetically commies. There is a faceberg conference hall name after anita sarkieesian, the kike bitch who complained you cannot see batman’s ass on a video game because he wears a cape, while deliberately ignoring solid snake’s ass all over your face on metal gear games.

Anyway, I am going to need some convincing before I believe this is not some sort of circus. I have read something about whistle blowing and the FBI. Oh yeah, I bet the FBI is going against zoggerberg real fucking hard, he is shaking hard.

JohnParker1 2 points ago +2 / -0

Why did you trust Facebook in the first place?

RandolphCarter 1 point ago +1 / -0

I don’t have FB or IG so I didn’t notice.