What made you racist? (media.consumeproduct.win)
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It was you! I learned it from watching you!

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I am the ceo of racism

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Hello, fellow Gen X latch key kid.

crash7863 17 points ago +17 / -0

I'm not racist, I'm a realist. I've had a black girlfriend before. (She acted completely white. A rare unicorn I've learned. We didn't work out, it was probably for the best.)

I like my own people, I understand them. Other people are different, I don't want to understand them. I want to be away from them.

Most people don't like trash people. That's your white trash, niggers, spics, and chinks. They're the worst of the worst stereotypes of their people. They're not all that way, but it sure seems like it some times.

I have good friends that are black, hispanic, and asian. They act normal. The stereotypes are not made about them. They are rarities.

Standby 11 points ago +11 / -0

I've been lowkey racist against niggers forever because it's obvious they're all retarded monkeys, but I became Super Racist Goku Level 4 from all the "peaceful protests" of 2020.

YEETveteran8888 11 points ago +11 / -0

Not really racist or hateful. I just became a lot more focused on making a life for myself and not worrying about injustices. If you are not helping me, get out of my way. That gets convoluted into racism by a lot of people. I’ve literally been told that my indifference to black peoples struggle is racist and white supremacy. And I’m just beyond caring at this point. I don’t want to hurt people, I just don’t care if I do.

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You did it to all of us. you are a racist machine, NPC equalitarian in raycist out

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I worked at a convenience store which was walking distance from section 8 housing as a teenager. That laid the framework, then the internet undid the brainwashing.

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Elementary school. Busloads of groids being dumped off at my school that should have been all white. Watching those stinky screeching ghetto freaks in action day after day. With Jews it took longer, because I wasn't exposed to them nearly as much, but I started noticing patterns and getting in to history / "forbidden" knowledge and lots of pieces of the puzzle of reality started to fall in to place.

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Interacting with black people

Side-o-Beef_Curtains 2 points ago +2 / -0

This 👆. Facts and reality are racist

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Working in a big city knocked out all that liberal bullshit outta me - I didn’t hate the black race then but knew they had to be avoided. Then last summer’s race riots happened… now I hate every nigger with a passion. I thought hating Jews on here was more meme than reality, but I learned they don’t consider themselves white. That’s when the source of all this anti-white propaganda clicked in my head

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living in brazil

Greasyone 2 points ago +2 / -0

Real life experience, grew up in a very large city.

BigPedeEnergy 2 points ago +2 / -0

Exterminating in Detroit and Flint.....

I have been in apartments where no one has swept or mopped since they moved in

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Being exposed to the way other races behave

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Not a racist, a race realist. I've dated brown and Asian women, had brown and Asian friends.

I simply accept the scientific consensus that blacks have a low average IQ. Low enough that almost half of them can be described as "mentally retarded".

From this data I think it's not a good idea that we live near them. There is novel evidence to suggest that as well as being stupid, they also have a genetic propensity for violence and low consciousness. I believe a good society to live in, is one with low violence and comprised of people who take pride in their work and see the value in sacrifice and creation.

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Went from a mainly white school to entirely Hispanic, couldn't speak English and threatened with serious violence, rocks or objects, watched beaners jump people. I've always had black friends but a few black dudes in all white schools you all tend to act similar especially playing sports. But adulthood and the constant onslaught of black violence, simply reading the numbers 13/50, I knew something was off. Around 2013 my first black friend blamed wypipo for his problems and I nearly burst out laughing as we just graduated from a 30k a semester school. Accelerated from there, BLM, Floyd race riots, letting black criminals off while Confederate flag wavers got 20 years. Not racist but a race realist, white enclaves have every right to exist but no it's white flight or gentrification, the last straw is their ally bullshit if you aren't with them you're against them. Started questioning Holocaust numbers in high school especially cremation rates and where the bones and teeth went not to mention millions of pounds of coal on a railway that had been destroyed. The all the As a fellow white, garbage amongst celebrities and blue check marks as well as politicians. I could go on and on

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I went to a mostly black middle & high school. Endured their culture five days a week for multiple years. It takes a toll.

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Living in Atlanta.