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This is so fucking demoralising. I'm considering moving rural because then you can have "pest control" as a valid reason to use guns and they'll even let you own a semi-automatic rifle! Provided it's under 20 rounds per magazine.

Also you need to buy a safe and bolt it into the frame of your house.

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Actually an SKS could be doable but that's probably as beefy as you could get as a farmer or for pest control. It's in the same category as pump action shotguns I think

Yeah dingos depending on where you are, but we also have packs of feral dogs and foxes. I heard tale of a family friend shooting a wild pig and it took an absurd number of shots cause he only had a .22

As a starter I can get a bolt action .223 or .308 for recreational shooting but beyond that it gets very onerous

I was eyeing this one cause it's made here https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PPK8ZrLHq4o

Ironically it's made in NSW but it's illegal in NSW because of the pistol grip haha

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