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This is so fucking demoralising. I'm considering moving rural because then you can have "pest control" as a valid reason to use guns and they'll even let you own a semi-automatic rifle! Provided it's under 20 rounds per magazine.

Also you need to buy a safe and bolt it into the frame of your house.

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Sounds like unless you are a serious competition shooter that the pistol license is not worth it at all. What are you even capable of purchasing in Australia as far as semi auto rifles? Like would an SKS or something else that's very old like that be ok or is it only some weird civilian only Aus guns because of the extremely strict laws? I would say get an FAL, M14, G3 or AR10 to get the most outa that twenty rounder but I have a hard time thinking any of those are readily available. Lever guns are cool too as the next best option over a semi auto, .357 Magnum out of a 16 inch Barrel is approaching the power of a rifle round.

fuckinlegend [S] 8 points ago +8 / -0

I think for me if I wanted a SKS or a Garand I would have to get it on a collector license in which case it would have to be made permanently inoperable.

There's a bloke in my state who has an AR-15 for pest control which I believe I could get on a collector license with a trigger lock, and then eventually be able to use it for pest control if I moved rural. The unfortunate thing is you need to request permission for each purchase and justify why you couldn't get a smaller gun.

So if I want a .308 rifle I have to beg and explain why a .22LR rifle wouldn't work for me.

In NSW you can't have a rifle with a pistol grip even if it's bolt action. It's fucking insane man!

Berglewits 6 points ago +6 / -0

That is Insane. I mean you got Dingos and Goannas and Feral hogs if you live in rural Aus right? I would definitely say a .22 is not an acceptable gun for any of those except maybe the lizard. The pistol grip thing is retarded, that being said I think shooting without a pistol grip isn't a huge deal and people over emphasize having modern style rifles. Shame you probably can't get an SKS I think that's pretty much a perfect gun for places like Cali in the US where you need a cucked up gun to fit their retarded laws without having to make any compromises on the original design. I don't think there is really a good argument for a .308 outside of larger game hunting but something like a .223 or a .357 Magnum or a 7.62x39 there is definite arguments for being needed to deal with Varmints as a 22Lr is insufficient or inhumane.

fuckinlegend [S] 6 points ago +6 / -0

Actually an SKS could be doable but that's probably as beefy as you could get as a farmer or for pest control. It's in the same category as pump action shotguns I think

Yeah dingos depending on where you are, but we also have packs of feral dogs and foxes. I heard tale of a family friend shooting a wild pig and it took an absurd number of shots cause he only had a .22

As a starter I can get a bolt action .223 or .308 for recreational shooting but beyond that it gets very onerous

I was eyeing this one cause it's made here https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PPK8ZrLHq4o

Ironically it's made in NSW but it's illegal in NSW because of the pistol grip haha

Berglewits 3 points ago +3 / -0

That looks pretty nice, cool to see a straight pull back bolt action. I always thought those were neat because of the Swiss K33 and its relatives.

strawman7 6 points ago +6 / -0

That's what I was thinking too with 20 rounds. 308/7.62mm. I've been considering an AR10 as primary in the US to defeat body armor.

On the bright side, competition requirements for pistol will keep OP sharp and in practice.