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Black woman enters organization, everyone is welcoming, then they realize she can't do anything and is difficult to be around. They try to politely correct her behavior but she isn't intelligent enough to change, so she accuses them of microaggressions, and later full on racism to stave off getting fired. Eventually, she gets fired anyway and becomes convinced it's retaliation. She then collects welfare for as long as possible before getting hired as a parasite at a new organization.

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It actually begins even earlier, when WOC is offended by the tone of the offer of employment. Something invisible that white people are not sensitive to. She walks in the front door with issues.

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It would be funny to make a similar flowchart for white men. Enter organization, is successful and well liked, gets promoted.

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Enter organization, is successful and well liked, gets promoted.

Can confirm.

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Reaches certain paygrade and is fired with rest of white guys over 40 in massive downsizing and replaced with 23 year old BIPOC woman. Organization flounders. Surprised Pikachu face.

elodrian 6 points ago +6 / -0

Anyone who joins a functional organization and begins demanding it be changed to suit themself can be accurately described as "not a good fit". If they were a good fit, they wouldn't need the organization to change to accommodate them.

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No women belong in any position of leadership, unless they're leading children ages 0-10

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Let me translate.

POC Woman unjustly elevated to a position they do not deserve on merit. POC Woman is unable to contribute anything of value. POC Woman doesn't understand their privilege due to a lack of intelligence and gaslighting by society that tricks her into thinking she truly deserves her role. Entitled POC Woman leaves a position she doesn't even deserve in the first place to try and contribute with her inferior competence elsewhere.

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Before I was racist I tried to joke with a black female coworker like I did everyone else because "she's just like everyone else".

Well she reported me and I had to sit down in a meeting with her and my boss to talk it out. She accused me of a bunch of racist "attacks" against her etc. My boss asked us if me completely ignoring her would fix the issue and we both agreed. Just pretended she didn't exist the rest of the time both of us worked there and it was fine.

Looking back on it she was a retard who couldn't go 6 hours without getting high and was always immersed in conflict.

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You can tell, even from this obvious propaganda piece, that bringing in a non white to a white organization leads to problems

We are stronger working with people like us, that we want to willingly associate with

But diversity is our strength

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I mean, everyone needs a job and I've worked with women of color who are good at what they do. But the only way to be successful in a white collar job is to get along with people around you. If a woman is paranoid about everyone around her being a secret racist and embraces victim culture anytime something is difficult instead of taking responsibility for her work, then it's just going to make it harder for her than it would have been. It's like the goal of this chart is to make black women as useless as possible.

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Going into a new workplace and trying to run it because you're smarter and full of fresh ideas then claiming racism when you are promoted to CEO, wcgw?

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The "woman of colour" is wearing a hijab in the graphic.

Consume Islam.