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Niggered from Gab here: https://gab.com/eschatologuy/posts/106616162676552684

America's trips to the moon are by far the most well-documented events in all of human history. The "moon landing hoax" meme was pushed & made commercial by a Jewish filmmaker named Bart Sibrel. You don't know the name, but you know him as the man who got dropped by Buzz Aldrin. Every shred of "evidence" & speculation that the landings didn't occur are the result of how ignorant people are today. It's all easily disproven, every last bit.

It's not random either. The false claims that we never went to the moon serve two vital purposes for our enemies: 1) They negate the single greatest accomplishment in human history, because it belongs solely to Whites. 2) They detach decent men from reality. A man who can't tell what's real & what's imaginary is no threat to them; he's a schizophrenic.

The entire cluster of moon-landing/flat-earth/pick-your-poison lies are chaff deliberately thrown into the air, ensuring that anyone who looks can't tell the signal from the noise. Some of the hoaxes are of their manufacture, and some of the real events are transformed into hoaxes. And most of it is just silly rabbit trails to send us down so we're too busy to make trouble.

If you'd like to dig into the overwhelming volume of documentary evidence for just the Apollo 11 landing, visit https://apolloinrealtime.org/11/ . And "Apollo 11" (2019) is one of the best documentaries ever made, consisting entirely of recovered high quality footage.

White Americans are the only men to ever set foot on another heavenly body. Don't let them take that from us.

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If you wanna see from my view, try these threads out.


We too delve into conspiracy.

Theyre not scamming Congress out of shit, congress has been pushing it all along. NASA has been a tail wags dog wags tail situation for decades. Its obvious at this point theres a faction within NASA that would rather just outsource it to actually accomplish someyhing vs administrators who just want to ride their gov jobs and blow money while doing basically nothing The only ones getting scammed are taxpayers. Bureaucrats within NASA and congress couldnt care less, were lucky there are still people that want solutions to problems enough that something like FH getting a contract or Starship HLS happen at all. I have family working there and plenty of co-workers that have been like "fuck it they dont pay that well why should i even care" most people who are interested in space flight arent going to work for NASA, theyll make a lot more with a contractor or another industry entirely The only reason were seeing big changes is the costs and delays have gotten so absurd that there is no way they can even attempt to justify it anymore. Really expect to see like 2 SLS launches and they just shut down the whole program at this point, and that would actually be the smart decision so maybe not....

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I mean.. I'm sure that their work has massive Defense and Offense implications.. and yes, a great way to scam tax Payers, and pay men to go to dinners, and do interviews

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I definitely see we're on the same chapter now. However, the conspiracy is that.... SLS is a jaaaaaahbs program. Think about it. Say whatever you want about it, but SpaceX is pumping rockets out at an unusually fast pace compared to Boeing and all the other oldspace contractors. SLS isn't meant to launch, it's meant to be as slow as possible so neocon politicians get slap their flippers together at an increased GDP. That's the conspiracy we at /sfg/ see.

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But you wanna see what I meant by the jews wanting us to stay on Earth instead of exploring the extent of God's creations? https://www.forbes.com/sites/prakashdolsak/2021/07/12/billionaires-claiming-climate-leadership-should-not-promote-space-tourism/.

The MOMENT Bezos decided to have his suborbital carnival ride and share it with some other wealthy shmucks, a bazillion (((journalists))) cohencidentally write about how space travel by DA RICH is bad, and how it pollutes while simultaneously supporting darkies spewing pollution and trash in white countries. I tell you, they'll tantalize us with fictional space travel, then proceed to say "NUH UH GOYIM, YOU CAN'T ESCAPE US- ERRRM, YOU GOTS TO SOLVE ALL THE PROBLEMS ON URF!" when some baron decides to even dip his toes into human spaceflight.