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I just love a story with a happy ending. Thank you, king.

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Do you honestly think she isn't trying?

Her life was screwed from early childhood.

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6daysandrest 30 points ago +31 / -1

She deserves pity, mercy, not scorn.

It's clear she's trying to take control of her own life back from them. She's 40 and has never been free. Her circumstances are not her own fault. It isn't right for us to throw accusation and condemnation at her.

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superstraightqueen 7 points ago +8 / -1

It’s because a bunch of these dudes are convinced that all white women have had sex with hundreds of guys or something. Which I honestly have trouble believing since I’ve spent most of my life in very liberal circles and most women I know have pretty low body counts and/or were virgins until their early 20s. Obviously there are some exceptions and if they’re meeting women on tinder it will seem like most are whores. Anyway, I think plenty of white women especially those in some of the rad fem circles can certainly be saved and would be good wives and mothers with guidance

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PepesCovfefe 6 points ago +7 / -1

They think that because they’ve watched too much porn.

This is a board of people trying to quit porn afterall 😂

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Yeah, at least anecdotally for all of the single female friends and acquaintances, almost all of them are single and not looking. Including a gorgeous blonde 39 year old virgin. Only one of them is the stereotypical tinder thot.

I think that if anything, modern society has made women (and guys too) more isolated and alone.

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Some of us are older. I'm 33yo. The only women I encounter have body counts in the high double digits with triple digits a real possibility.

I'm not better. My number is at 20ish. The issue is personality. In theory, I could be fine with a woman at 300 count but women's personalities get worse the higher there number and it's extremely easy to observe this phenomenon. Men are not as impacted by high body counts as men are.

Women in theory can be saved but they have to want to be and our society created a scenario where most women never ever want to be. Men have no power to influence women anymore and thus most women learn to manipulate the system to exploit men and never actually choose a proper path nor every except a man in their life to "save them".

The men who bitch about white women on here aren't bitching because of some conceived notion of who white people are. It is 100% from experience that they bitch. Until we put women back in their proper place in society, for the most part, women are in a very dark place right now.

Younger people have it better but there's a huge problem in how women are easily led astray by society. Even if your woman is great while she's 18-20yo and you marry her at 24yo. She might go back to school, meet a feminist, get a job paying more than you then divorce you. The decade you spent together will have meant nothing and been entirely wasted.

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Have you considered that they lied to you to prevent shame and preserve social status?

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Disney child actor. No telling what happened over there.

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The poor thing completely lost it's mind from abuse

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The good ending.

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Jesus saves all who are willing to accept him

Mukato 11 points ago +11 / -0

This right here. “And I will remember your sins no more.”

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Even the Jew and Gentile.

PostItNote 2 points ago +4 / -2

God saves all when they DO AS Jesus said to do and nothing more.

Go and Forgive and My Father shall forgive you.

Do not judge ,lest ye be judged.

Love Thy Nieghbor AS Yourself .

Love Thine Enemy .

Love Thy Lord Thy God With All your heart, soul and MIND.

IF you love Me, you will follow my sayings.

I am the Truth, the Way and the Life . NONE come to the Father but thru Me.

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How is this supposed to work though? Isn’t this the same as “if you kill your enemies, they win”? We’re supposed to love and forgive pedophiles and not judge them?

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"Go and sin no more" is the bit everyone leaves out of the adultress story.

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He did not say to let criminals go unpunished, but love them in your heart as fellow human beings. They are no less consumed by sin then we are.

PostItNote 2 points ago +2 / -0

True love is not a feeling , or emotion. Jesus is not asking us to go kissykissy face and coddling with our enemy. Emotional love is all false ,based on wants, desires, needs and lust. At best emotional love is selfish and meaningless.

True love , the kind Jesus show us, is the absense of hate , anger, resentment, and false loves based on wants , desires , and needful lusts.

True love does not prevent you from acting to stop a wrongdoing, It does not stop you from defending yourself from physical acts, or cause you to be immobalized , unable to speak out.

True love clears you mind. It brings inner peace and causes you to act in the most just, righteous and logical way without overacting or doing the immoral .

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Yes you are not to judge pedophiles. You are not God , and thus have no right to judge them or anyone. God has already judged all actions by the characteritics of what they are. God does not need our help deciding good and evil.

For instance, stealing is wrong, not because the Bible says it, or the Govt, or a priest or society. Stealing is wrong because of the characteristics of stealing, that God has already judged.
Abusing anyone is wrong, not because you or I judge it so,. It's wrong because God has judged the characteristics of it.

We can ONLY see what God has judged , AFTER we do was Jesus said to do to free our spirits of our own judgements the corrupted fallen world has imposed upon us.

Pedophiles are pedophiles BECAUSE they have judged for themselves , no doubt because they judged their own abusers, among others. Once you do as Jesus said to do , you can see that its always our judging of others and ourselves that our immoral actions are born from.

Every abused person MUST forgive and not judge their abusers for themselves. Its the ONLY way they can prevent becoming like what they hate.

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Thanks; that’s good advice. Have you read Course In Miracles?

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was someone saved today? Thats wonderful to hear. I feel like mel wouldnt of just randomly called her if they havnt already had a talk about this at some point.

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Mel really is based af, huh?

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apparently, a while back, he went off about the Jews and pedophilia in Hollywooooood

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Based Mel Gibson

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Mel should perform an exorcism on her.

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In her case I don't see how it could do any more real harm.

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