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I’m anti communism, socialism, liberalism, homosexuality, divorce, Marxism, democracy, Judaism(or satanism), paganism and Zionism. But, unlike many of you, I dislike Hitler and Mussolini, and I see them as people who wanted to change the world in their own twisted ways, which resulted in World War II. I also don’t hate niggers. Although I don’t try to negate crime statistics, I kind of see them as a tool used by Jews to bring chaos into white countries. As long as they don’t replace the white race, I don’t mind them and I even see them as posible allies(call me cucked all you want, they are a large portion of the Christian population, and therefore, brothers).

I essentially see Jews as people in power who want to see Christianity erased and that’s my main concern.

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I don’t mind subhuman animals who are an entirely separate species


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The talented tenth might be functional in society, other than that I agree with your comment.

IQ isnt the only difference tho. Black people were literally designed the way they were because run long time and throw spear is all you really need in Africa. So the Talented tenth would still probably enjoy superior atheleticism.