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I'm not here to debate Islam or whatever, but to think that they are supporting Israel instead of their "religious brother" as they would call it, is kind of suspicious. Iran, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, etc. Do you think Jews have infiltrated the politics in the Middle East too?

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I thought Trump had something to do with a lot of Arab states normalizing their relationships with Israel.

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Money and yes Jews definitely infiltrated them, most likely Saudi Arabia

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Yeah, Saudi Arabia has been really weird, the long-nose definitely has a place in politics.

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They prefer it to rain sheckles, not bombs.

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I think they recognize Israel in the sense that they acknowledge it exists.

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Most islamic countries are creations of the West, to serve their purposes.

Many muslims understand this. It's one reason why ideas like Jihad and Kaliphate are so popular among them.

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I don't know the exact reason why, but sometimes after a war the winning side will force the loser to recognize their independance and legitamacy. Maybe something like that happened.

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House Saud are jews and Shiite vs Sunni are reasons. All countries invaded are same islam subset. Ones allied with israel are the other.

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You think all those middle eastern countries we’ve overthrown weren’t replaced by Jewish puppet governments?