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I recently saw an old friend and we had a good time catching up. He's in town and catching up with people from the old college friend group that has dissolved over the past two years by seeing them individually. I don't want to see most of them because of how they treated me like a leper when the Chinavirus came. However, there is one man in the group who up until the end of 2020 I would hang out with since he was one of the first friends I made in college.

The problem with this guy is that he is an aggressive simp. He has obsessed over this one woman for almost 6 years. She is certainly a beauty from the Orient, a woman who was born in China but was adopted by a white couple in America. I remember at a bar I once saw at least 10 men waiting to buy her a drink. Many men have lusted after her. Now as a yuppie, she is a gold digger, partying with old men on boats, and hooking up with yuppie men.

This friend won't drop his crush for her though. It's pathetic. She sleeps around with all sorts of men. She's made out with me and the old friend I recently saw at his apartment in front of him. The one time she was going to sleep with him, she puked on him because she was really drunk. She's also made a pact with my old friend to get married if they are still single at age 35, likely because he's loaded and only 25 (he'll probably be worth a few million USD by the time he is 35).

I realized after learning some more about this woman while catching up with the old friend that I can't see the simp anymore. His life revolves around that woman and I don't want to witness such weak behavior anymore nor be associated with it. It's kind of freeing in a way knowing that I can just look ahead, although it does make me sad that like many other relationships I once had, I have to move on because of behavior like this, drug use, chinavirus hysteria, etc.

I think simps can't be saved because if you try to intervene, he'll think it's because you want the woman in question (which to be fair to this simp I'm talking about, I did make out with the woman, so I can understand his suspicion). My old friend and I are thinking he's looking for a hot Asian waifu, because the simp is a weeb. I have known other men who fell for this trap but at least they got out on their own. But seriously, this guy has to move on.

I'm just sharing this story as a reminder to never put a woman on a pedestal if she hasn't brought your children into this world, let alone date you exclusively. I have seen so much weird and awful shit in my short life that I can write up lots of stuff like this, but this one just occurred to me so I thought I'd share. We make fun of the OnlyFans and Twitch simps, but how often do you get to see a live one over the span of 6 years?

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Im gonna be honest. I've had simp moments before, I think we all have at least once until u realize that it's retarded.

I just want to understand how this college aged male kept his attention to ONE female for SIX years as a single guy. If I see a pretty girl I might remember it for awhile but there's so many attractive women that you shouldve at least been exposed in a 6 year period... idk how you can simp for that long for ONE person.

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This woman I speak of is truly drop-dead gorgeous, perhaps on par with the Sirens that tempted Odysseus. It takes a lot of willpower to not be tricked by her. What saved me is probably my narcissism, for better or for worse. He isn't a narcissist but a quiet person who took a strong liking to this woman. What sucks for him is that he is a decent-looking guy, with the only thing he could possibly work on is build some muscle. There were other women interested in him, but he couldn't let this one woman go. Alcohol also clouds his mind.

This woman too has other things going for beyond her looks, and I pity her a bit since she has some problems too revolving around a constant need for male attention. Based on what she has told me, she has put up with abuse from men, but has also abused other men. I know another guy who is still in therapy because of a relationship he had with her a few years ago.

Writing this out shows to me how I fell in with the wrong crowd, but also makes me wonder if I simply fit in with my own problems. You're one of the younger guys on here. Don't just stick with a group of people because it's easy and you get a lot of free booze and drugs from them. If anything, that's a sign to leave.