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When i was younger i used to play a game called Deadlock when i was a kiddo but now i realize that is kinda fashy

The story revolves around eight races' struggle for control and resources over the planet Gallius IV, which came to a deadlock.

But there is more Some races have advantages and disadvantages One race is faster at Researching. but have Weak Infantry units. another race can spy but Collect very little in Taxes. the name of the Tarth commanders is litteraly: Ubergeneral.

Also You can send race-tailored messages to others, including insults. It's possible to goad them into attack you if you insult them enough. But here is the best part there is a race called the Skirineen The Skirineen. Once the bullyboys of the galaxy, they got on the bad side of several races (most notably humanity, who really walloped them). Unable to lay a claim to Gallius IV by nature of them being unwilling to sign the pact the rest of the other races agreed to, they lurk in orbit, selling black market goods to the various races. You can buy from them, but if you get caught the resultant scandal will lower colonist morale, especially if you're playing humans. So in short they operate the local black market,

they operate the Black Market on the game

they are reptile like

they are Disliked by all races. trading with them gives you a scandal and colonists will revolt

they have a lot of products and also has a lot of money

they are Great traders (merchants)

, They get supplies from seemingly nowhere.

they got on the bad side of several races (most notably humanity, who really walloped them).

The Skirineen refused to sign the Compact of Gallius IV and are not allowed to land.

and wait : The Skirineen blew up Earth's moon, thinking that the humans (who hadn't fought a real war in a long time) would be easy pickings. Instead, the humans went berserk and stormed the (((Skirineen Empire))).

TL:Dr Oy Vey is this the most fashy goom ???

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Holy shit what is the point you are trying to make?

conso0mer 7 points ago +8 / -1

The developers of some old goom mightve been scholars in counter-semitism

monkebrau 2 points ago +2 / -0

Seems like a subtle red pill (could have been sub conscious though)