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Now recently, I saw someone on this forum putting disrespect on the German national socialist movement.

Dont listen to the JIDF recruits, Nazism and Italian Fascism is literally the progenitor for all the philosophy we stand for today.

Blood & Soil, the founding principle of eco-fascism was originally derived from nazi Blood & soil political thought. The idea that the """democratic""" assembly is a treacherous place full of treacherous people came from Nazism

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Well I mean, this is an altright community. Did you expect Marxist ideation?

What's wrong with idealizing the Nazis? You're such a massive faggot that you didnt even attempt to do some moralizing bullshit, you came to this forum, said the Nazis lost ---> Nazi's are garbage.

Did you expect to change minds with the revelation that Germany lost WWII?

Perhaps not a jogger lover... but a jogger your mental abilities reflect such

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I love this community XD Frankly I'm surprised that I directly called the Nazis gay and only got downvoted to "0" haha. I much prefer the topics and threads of what people are living for now, how they navigate our modern world successfully and less how they'd throw their lives away for a meme from 80 years ago.

Like I get people wanna be edge and counter-narrative. That's fine. But there is a level where I think it becomes cringe