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Hello fellow consumers,

As always thank you to everyone that participated in the last weekly and remember you are Operation MONKE!

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Note: Many well thought out discussions. Great job everyone!

This Weeks Discussion Theme: Consume Diet

White boy summer is just around the corner! It’s very easy to put on some pounds while taking a vacation or just going out more. Even though many of us will pig out during the summer it’s important to not forget health is wealth and it starts with your diet. This weekly is on dieting for good health, or weight loss and weight management.

Discussion ideas:

  • Why is eating balanced and healthy so hard for many people?
  • What is important in a healthy diet? E.g., portion control, calorie counting, protein to carb ratio etc...
  • Share healthy dieting advice.

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As a person with that had an abundant amount of toxicity and methylation impairment, I have dedicated much of my life trying to improve my health, as not to be dependent on the sick care system.

The dietary knowledge we are fed is mostly unreliable. The food pyramid is bullshit. Just like everything else ‘science’ is sold to the highest bidder. It takes a discerning mind to wade through the lies and half truths. This is a large part why it is so hard for people. Critical thinking is rare and our society pushes convenience, quick and easy. These type of people always fall for fad diet marketing. Some never try and assess their diet and prefer to fall into fat acceptance, lifetime dependence on sick care.

There will never be a one size fits all but after a few decades in my experience nutritional dense bio available foods have become my go to. When you eat this way it is much harder to over eat. The type of cooking oil is especially important.

I especially like Natural Traditions, a way of eating brought to you by the based dentist of the early 20th century, Weston A. Price. I am a member of WAPF and would highly encourage anyone who is interested to check out there website/podcast. Even if you don’t follow the food guide they do excellent work, and have dedicated a large amount to the C19. They also promote sustainable farming and local producers.

Before I became pregnant I did carnivore for 2 years, with interval fasting and it transformed my gut (and I had eaten ‘healthy’ long before that).

It is incredible the connection between our gut health and mental health. Non-clinical nutritional deficiencies are ramped. Better to address your diet/lifestyle and skip the pharmacy.

I am now postpartum and practice interval fasting, 8 hour eat window, low (no junk) carbs. I have lost most of my baby weight along with consistent weight work outs and HIIT.

I have found Raw Milk to be an incredible super food. I have had 3 friends with knee/back issues that require surgery, they have told me the aching stopped in these areas after one glass. My breast milk supply has always been peak, even with IF and low carb, something that is warned against in the pregnancy community.

I add Fermented Cod Liver oil, and high vitamin butter oil daily. Raw minced garlic, and Ancestral Supplements beef organs as well. I buy or grow organic, and raise pastured chickens, ducks, and beef.

Connection to food in majorly lacking in our society something my husband and I are striving to give to our Son by him being a part of our farm. I could write a book on what is wrong with how Americans view on health and diet but I prefer to actively do the opposite of what is pushed through responsible animal husbandry and sustainable agriculture.