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This Weeks Discussion Theme: Consume Diet

White boy summer is just around the corner! It’s very easy to put on some pounds while taking a vacation or just going out more. Even though many of us will pig out during the summer it’s important to not forget health is wealth and it starts with your diet. This weekly is on dieting for good health, or weight loss and weight management.

Discussion ideas:

  • Why is eating balanced and healthy so hard for many people?
  • What is important in a healthy diet? E.g., portion control, calorie counting, protein to carb ratio etc...
  • Share healthy dieting advice.

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Settrigh 5 points ago +5 / -0

I'm not so well-versed in dieting but I love those threads and I'll try to chime in a bit more. So let's hit it:

Why is eating balanced and healthy so hard for many people?

For one, I think it's because it takes more effort than eating out or ordering or just eating pre-made trash. They are too lazy to pick a recipe, go buy the ingredients and actually cook it. This, and the fact that a lot of people nowadays can't even cook anything above fried eggs.

Another factor IMO would be the taste. Sure, healthy food can and most of the times IS tasty, but a lot of people prefer the taste of pizza over the taste of, say, rice and chicken breast.

Third, some people are not hooked on junk food and takeout but they just eat too much, even if they cook and if they eat healthy foods. It's easy to get carried away like this and get trapped into the mindset of "hey, one more meal won't hurt. At least I'm not eating hamburgers!". Which brings me to the second point:

What is important in a healthy diet? E.g., portion control, calorie counting, protein to carb ratio etc...

I'd say that the holy trinity of dieting is calorie counting, macro tracking and eliminating foods with poor nutritional value. If you want to lose weight only then calorie counting and quality food will probably suffice, but if you lift for example then it's a good idea to track your macros.

The three mentioned above are pretty much the only things I do. I don't really follow meal times (my schedule doesn't allow me to eat at the same time daily anyways) or eat much in the morning and less at night or anything like that. I do fast for 16-17 hours for 4-5 days a week, but during my eating window I pretty much eat whenever, and generally one or two big meals instead of more smaller ones like I keep hearing some people do.

Share healthy dieting advice.

I'm not big on giving advice because I know it might not work for everyone and might even backfire, but I will share what works for me:

As mentioned, fasting. I tried different diets through my life (at one point I didn't work out and I was focusing on weight loss only) but nothing helped me lose weight as much as fasting. You can do it for 16 hours, 24, days even. But don't overdo it if you feel bad. Just dip your toes in at first, then gradually increase the time if you feel ready. When I was a teen I lost 20 kilograms of weight just with fasting, no fancy diets or even calorie counting. Just make sure not to overeat during the eating windows. I eat as much during my windows as if I didn't fast beforehand.

I don't know how fasting can affect gains. It obviously can if you do it long enough, but I couldn't tell you what is the most you can fast without serious muscle loss. My gains are steady even with my 16 hour fasting, and I never feel more tired or weaker than before I started fasting. However, this depends a lot on the individual's body, muscle mass, metabolism and so on. But if weight loss alone is your goal, fasting is something you should at least try.

As for the diet itself, just seek foods with high nutritional value, count calories and macros and you'll be a-ok. Also, I'm a devil's advocate when it comes to fat, cholesterol, eggs and the whole package. I don't think fats should be avoided completely. This is a common misconception about fats, but you can eat NO fats at all and still get obese from carbs. Also, fats have a lot of important functions in our body, so avoiding them completely is not good IMO.

I am not an expert so take everything I said with a grain of salt, and filter it through your own judgement and experience. What works for me might not work for you, and vice versa. Good luck kings!