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Hello fellow consumers,

As always thank you to everyone that participated in the last weekly and remember you are Operation MONKE!

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Note: This was a great weekly a lot of interesting book recommendations, well done everyone!

This Weeks Discussion Theme: Cooomholics Anonymous

Welcome to the first Cooomholics Anonymous (CA) meeting. Don’t feel bad or ashamed you are not alone. The purpose of this weekly is to focus on staying no fap and help other cooomholics achieve no fap.

Discussion ideas:

  • When did you first realize porn and fapping are detrimental?
  • Have you been able to free yourself of coomer brain, how?
  • Is no fap a load of crap or is there something beneficial to it? Feel free to voice your opinion.

NOTE: Do bring up any advice, recommendations, or organizations like Fight the New Drug (no mods are not affiliated with them).

Weekly Polls:

Previous Weeklies:

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