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Title. Is it because they were sick of degneracy in their own country?

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The two historical enemies of France since the late middle ages were England and Germany (i.e., Holy Roman Empire and Prussia). The reasons for French-English and French-German enmity were complex, having a lot to do with territorial, monarchic and religious disputes.

Nonetheless, by the mid-20th century, French culture was steeped in both anti-English and anti-German sentiment. It makes perfect sense that the population of France would split in terms of loyalty to the Axis vs Allied powers.

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Great answer. Also weird since I'm technically all three of them.

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The British attacking the French navy was a big part of it.

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I remember watching world war 2 in color and being suprised when britain did that.

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Sick of commies and jews running their beautiful country?

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Um if the choice is keep making mortgage payments or, the mortgage issuer gets thrown in a ghetto. I know what I would do...

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I think it was in The Naked and The Dead (iirc) that the Vichy French soldiers cried as they fired upon landing American troops in Italy or Southern France. Is this true or another figment of Jew-magination?

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The conquerors get all the spoils and women. Why would you side with the resistance and possibly be tortured or killed when you could collaborate and enjoy all the spoils? That was probably their mentality. Women especially, throughout history, would open their legs to the conquerors i.e the stronger men/tribe.