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I'm a believer in "what you eat is the most important thing" but you also have to tell your body when it needs to get stronger. I wonder if the changes in intensity that usually characterize HIIT do this better than normal exercise because you can kind of feel yourself coming up on the next interval? Or is it BS?

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I have been doing HIIT since 2008, back then we called it circuit training. I recall that being the year was the first time I was able to do a strict pull-up. I was 22, had a good base and had inconsistently lifted since I was 14.

I love HIIT and have done it consistently since then. When I had access to a gym I would mix it with Push/ Pull splits and German Volume Training both of which if I was a dude would do more often. (I prefer be in the fitness category not duded out. ) I watched my husband put on a ton of muscle with GVT.

I haven’t maxed out in a while (postpartum 5 months) but after two years of doing HIIT at elevation ((10600FT)) (2016). I also was tested physically and mentally daily. I was able to deadlift 270 with good form while I was around 120. (I don’t know my exact weight, scales suck and I don’t use them). I was also able to put a full bundle of shingles on my shoulder and carry it up a ladder 3 times. I could do 4 sets of 8 pull-ups with excellent form. I did trail running for fun and long hikes.

Not only has HIIT helped me develop strength and endurance it also has been awesome for me when a gym isn’t available, I can always do a workout with no or minimal equipment.

As for crossshit, I would not recommend. The egos alone are a giant turn off but more importantly the injury that always seem to occurs do to improper form. You can do HIIT and not be associated with this, don’t let it stop you. (Infiniteeligtensity has a YouTube roasting CrossFit if you ever wonder why people feel the way they do to these people.)

I am female so my approach to strength is going to be different. That being said in my opinion HIIT is 100x better then running on a treadmill (although I have at certain points in my life applied circuit training to running). For me some variety gets me going.

If I were a dude looking to get jacked I would be doing German Volume Training, Push/Pull splits with rest/pause sets, drop sets, slow eccentric, pulse reps, ect. Barbell complexes are also an awesome addition. Make sure to do deload weeks and get enough rest! Rest days are necessary for muscle repair. HIIT can be a great compliment to these workouts in my opinion.

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Thanks, I will check out the GVT next.

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No problem. GVT is good for a boost in between normal programs. I usually did it for about a month or a little more. It is very demanding and also somewhat time consuming but worth it. I would also caution doing programs designed for people doing steroids. The easiest way to spot these are when they are super long in duration like 2-5 hours. Nattys should not train like roidbombs. AthleanX has excellent workouts on his YouTube. He recently posted a push pull workout split that is worth checking out. Tnation also has some excellent articles relating to workout programs.