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Australoids live very close to nature

Yeah, starting large forest fires every time you go to hunt is very green. Australia used to be covered in rainforest and now it's largely a lifeless sandy death trap, but that's nature for you.

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ACKSHUALLY Australia is much greener today than it was when captain Cook landed.

There was a program inititated in the 1980s or 1990s to do mass seed drops - the seeds are "seed bombs" embedded in clay - in semi-arid areas of Australia timed for the monsoon.

It has been quite successful with old species returning to areas where they had been lost. It is all good. For example:


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White people taking care of the land, while abbos huff gasoline and fuck grocery store chickens, but it's the abbos who are close to nature.

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Environmentalism is a luxury good. Requires a wealth of both material and spirit to consider such a course.

Are you surprised other groups don't participate

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Yeah, they're animals not administrators.

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It's racist to hold non-whites to white standards of culture and success.

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That is quite kekish, isn’t it

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Just remember that flooding the education system with blacks (by quotas etc.) will bring the average level of education down, since the material will have to be simiplified.

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Le muh socio-economical factors

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Low IQ.

Also, the libertarian doesn't give a shit. You have him like he's shocked or something.

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Yeah this is what a real LibLeft would be like. LibRight want freedom, but they realize some people are superior than others and will get better results, the inferiors have to work harder to compete. The idea that true freedom would lead to equality because we're all equal is a leftist view.

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Since we established that economic factors are a bullshit excuse for nignogs being dumb, how will the libleft do mental gymnastics in order to defend their stupidity now?

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They'll just memory hole it and keep repeating the same false points. Or they'll blame white supremecy for black people having lower SAT scores, any lie will work to shield them from the truth.

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White Supremacy

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but muh nurture

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Why do you think colleges everywhere are getting rid of the SAT or ACT as an entrance requirement?

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Theres a place for everyone in a well organized society. But you don't send the short bus brigade to do the same work as the chess team. And we need to stop trying