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This isn't a topic that's easy to discuss irl from the stigma around mental disorders and psych medication. I think these medications are over prescribed in an effort to medicate away undesirable behavior. These medications only treat symptoms and do nothing to treat the root causes of the mental states they treat.

Attention, aggression, anxiety, depression, there's a whole menu of pills to treat each one. The drugs range from MAOIs, SSRIs, and stimulants. Your brain works through a series of chemical reactions to produce electrical signals which in turn produce more chemical reactions. Changing the chemistry changes your thinking. You wouldn't give alcohol or weed to a child because they're suffering from anxiety or depression, so why is drugging children the primary solution?

One of my friends was on SSRI's for half his childhood. I feel kinda sorry for him because his adolescence and teenage years were spent medicated and isolated. I only met him after he got his brain back to normal but the stories he's shared from his childhood make me think some of his issues were caused by the drugs messing with his brain rather than any diagnosed disorder the drugs were for.

As an aside, most school shootings were done by someone with a history SSRI use. Do you think there's any link between the two?

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My friend was prescribed adderal or something similar. Then depression meds after a family ordeal, the sleep meds BC the adderal kept him up, then bipolar meds bc he started having nightmares and would take adderal to stay awake, then anxiety meds bc the other stuff messed him up... I could keep going.. He's in his 30's now, antisocial, going crazy, stays home.. He's the reason I wont take meds like that.

AustrianPictorem 7 points ago +8 / -1

I was prescribed black box medication to treat my "hyperactivity" in school, my mom just told everybody to fuck off, I would be royally fucked if she had given me the medication

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My friends was prescribed something that wasn't even approved to treat children, only approved for use on adults. Some studies coming out now are concluding that it shouldn't have been given to pre-pubescent or pubescent children because it fucks with their libido into adulthood.

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Based mom, mine just made me pull weeds and stuff when I was being a nuisance

LovecraftCat 3 points ago +3 / -0

People have survived for thousands of years before any sort of pills were invented.

Your kids can survive the high school without them.

bangbus 3 points ago +3 / -0

The two parts of the body doctors understand the least are the immune system and brain. Tread lightly on those areas.

Unless my son has something seriously wrong like schizophrenia or something there’s no way I’m drugging him. There are plenty of boys who are hyperactive shits when they are young. I was one. When you make the education system cater to the lowest common denominator any boy with an active brain is gonna lose his shit in school for 7 hours a day and that problem is going to get worse as they further hold back the smart in the name of social justice.

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Unfortunately I have taken metamphetamines for ADHD for 2 and a half years (during my Chemistry degree I went to a psychology for having trouble getting good marks and instead of manning up and accepting my responisbility I took the concentration pills). I stopped about a year ago, similar academic performance, have more trouble concentrating but I'm me. God didn't intend me to depend in drugs to achieve happiness, he intended me to endure life's harships, to build my shoulders with the weight of my failures and shortcomingds. God intended for me to find his light and I know he will push me to the greatest extent I can handle on this path. For strait is the gate and narrow is the way.