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Why did they change? There was a time when Hollywood at least tried to have standards and promote good things. But those days are long gone.

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Same goes for Christian rock. That stuff is beyond cringe. It's that same breathy singing and generic instrumentals about having your sorrows taken away or something like that. it's so unbelievably bad.

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Yep, as far as Christian music it's best to stick to old school folk-tier hymns (and classical choir stuff too), and monks chanting in Latin.

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This is insane that you post this. I listen to this all the time.


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Putting ads in the middle, smh

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Almost every attempt by Christian artists to enter a genre and "evangelize" it is cringe. The rare exceptions are metal (Fit For A King, August Burns Red, Impending Doom, etc.) and rap, (Lecrae and others) which is not my thing.

It's also important to be discerning when seeking out Christian music, as there are a lot of (((pretenders))) in the industry looking to make a quick buck off naive people. Tim Lambesis from As I Lay Dying (a "former Christian" band) had some things to say about the large number of phony Christian bands looking to cash out from gullible Christians.

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Lecrae is not a christian.

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Hah August Burns Red, haven’t heard that name in years. My old band played a festival with them years ago, awesome times.

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Im dstinf myself, but I like old stryper.

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And as soon as it gets heavier like Impending Doom or Phinehas it's suddenly all "satanic" anyways.

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It's Jew pop

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there are more than a few great Christian metalcore bands. War of Ages, Wage War, Fit For a King, For Today, Becoming Saints, Saving Grace, Phineas, Gideon, For All Eternity, Oh Sleeper, several others

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The Passion of Christ and the cartoon Prince of Egypt. Great movies

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Mel Gibson is the only based person in Hollywood

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Came here to comment this.

Mel Gibson is a great Christian and even better director/actor.

Great film.

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Christian movies are so cringe. The only good ones I think arent bad recently are Risen and The Chronicles of Narnia.

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Chronicles of Narnia barely even counts because it's based off of books that were written a long long time ago

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True. Plus it cuts alot of stuff out. That being said it was decent and wouldnt be able to be made today.

Actually even tradcons being the idiots they are would object to it.

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The Charleton Heston version of Ben Hur is a "Christian movie" of that 1960s era, and is unfathomably based.

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I watched that after the god awful remake. Definitely a classic

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There were plenty of explicitly christian westerns in the 40s and 50s.

See Hellfire (1949)


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I liked God's not dead and unplanned. In general though movies just aren't a good way to describe Christianity because they only show what people do instead of what people feel when they know Jesus. Books or music are great though when done right.

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Unplanned was surprisingly okay. The dialog was pretty cringe, but ive seen way cringier.

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Lord of the Rings is the best Christian movie.

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When we supplant Hollywood with Naziwood, we should have a membership program for film studios. Nationalists directly fund the movies they make, and if they start making shit movies, people stop paying. That way a company literally relies on the approval of those who will view their movie.

The only reason why we have any films is they suck your wallet dry at the cinema, have a monopoly (they're all owned by a couple of Jews), and they're on the payroll of kike globalists.

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I've been thoroughly enjoying The Chosen

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"We", I didn't make any of those lmao

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Just watch Andrei Rublev. Nothing better.

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The Chosen is the best christian entertainment in forever.

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I think unplanned was more of a anti abortion movie than a religion movie. Religion was almost a tacked on afterthought for most of it

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I loved the 2006 version of the Ten Commandments. It was so good. There was a time when there were all these great Bible television and mini-series. I showed them to my wife after we married and she converted to catch her up to speed on major Bible events. She literally never heard of Moses before.

My favorite scene in that movie was where the blood plague happened and the Pharoah's magicians tried to tell him it was muddy water. They had a bowl of muddy water next to blood clearly showing the night and day difference between the two and the Pharoah angrily tossed the table at him. It was a great knock at the "scientific explanations" of the Plagues.

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Prince of Egypt is the best animated film ever made. Change my mind.

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The white christian race is a victim to no one but themselves. We have the power to easily rise up, we are just content with being slaves

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Nigga just watch Russian Christian movies like The Island (Ostrov) from 2006 the current American shit provides no spiritual value

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Silence (2016) by Martin Scorsese. People have mixed feelings about it but I liked it.

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Yeah you need money and a studio which Christians don't have

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Counterpoint: The Star

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When did mainstream Christianity completely cuck? 20 years ago? 100?

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2000 years ago give or take, it was always meant to give the juden a servile underclass

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Why don’t they do movies on Christian history anymore? It would be far better than the nu Christian movies bullshit.

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Problem is, all the Based Christian movies were made in an era when Hollywood wasn't completely Kike'd. There is no way any Hollywood corporation of today would greenlight the next "Ten Commandments".

Trolling Le Atheists is fun, but I agree it's overdone at this point and doesn't get us anywhere. No Atheist would realize their beliefs are cringe after watching "God's not Dead", they'd reach that conclusion elsewhere.

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Jews control Hollywood, so we can’t make any movies like those anymore

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Ya mean like this piece of shit?