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It doesn't matter what it is, be it ancient vidya, some obscure art, music, hardware, programming, whatever, there's faggots all over the damn place. I keep seeing these fuckers everywhere, yet the worst part is the demands they want from those communities they infect. They go in a community as a foreigner to it and demand that everyone accommodate everything JUST for them, and people fucking listen? A big example is the Team Fortress 2 community, like one day around like 2015 the whole community just got a whole wave of the bastards all over and they became the biggest members of the community with insane influence owning the largest trading sites, servers, running community events, and even making workshop content. Even political communities that oppose their existence have trannies in it, you know the ones, the fucking tranny "fascist" larpers. Even in fascist community circles they still somehow get away with existing. I swear we really need some serious gatekeeping for our communities, I just want to enjoy SOMETHING without these queers getting in every nook and cranny of that interest. I know (((who))) is causing this, but what drives these "people" to do this?

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Well we know that transgendered people are over represented by people on the spectrum - so that’s one factor - and then the other big one would be grooming - you think someone who is out toiling the soil on the farm would be as likely to become trans as someone who spends 8 hours a day on discord? Or being told by people on /r/egg_irl that because they like having long hair they’re a woman? - third point is that pornography plays a big part - autogynephilia is real and that’s why the majority of trans people are MTF, because their higher sex drive and higher consumption of pornography lead them down that way.