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Don’t feel I need to add much more but as an anti-coomer website (as well as consumerism) we have to acknowledge that catcalling women, especially young teenage girls, is the most degenerate casual behaviour - I’m sure many of us idealise having a family one day and we’d hate for our daughters to be treated this way and there is no excuse for it.

I remember that video of that woman walking around NYC and being catcalled/harassed - funniest part of that was there was 0 white guys in that entire video and when people brought this up the makers said ‘oh white people did it too but we edited it out’ like does anyone believe that? If white people harassed her they would’ve had those videos front and centre - and then Gillette did that ‘boys will be boys video’ and showed a white man about to sexually harass a woman and then that epic saviour black man stands up and stops him, such over-compensating bullshit to mask the reality that these harassers are overwhelmingly black/foreign.

Anyway my main point is - if you catcall women you’re a coomer scum who is making gender relations worse and engaging in jogger behaviour, we’re better than that so I hope you all agree.

One final point I’ll make is, I get why men do it.. because like being a salesmen it’s a numbers game and for every 99 offended women who are damaged by it.. that 1 does say yes and that makes it worth it to them. Six years ago I was walking through a rural town and these drunk overweight men came out the front of a pub and started calling to these women, I looked at them thinking ‘Jesus fuck get ahold of yourself’ then suddenly these women, not bad looking, on the other side of the street looked at each other and laughed then walked over and joined them and then walked back into the pub with them - that was a massive black pill for me as I realised that men engage in this behaviour because sometimes it does work.. and 99 no’s mean nothing to them if they can get that yes.

So in conclusion: don’t do it because it’s degenerate, negro behaviour but at the same time men do it because it does work for them sometimes and women need to understand that the reason why it persists is because their fellow woman lets it be an effective tactic now and then, which is more than enough for these degenerates to propagate this behaviour.

Think of your daughter/future daughter - don’t do it - rise above this primal behaviour.

Be good people CP brothers - we owe it to ourselves and our culture.

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Can’t say I disagree with the a lot of what you’re getting at - but I’m mostly referring to the fact you’re walking through the street with your teen daughter and you hear these comments - makes me want to crack skulls if I was in that position - you’re right some people have met the love of their life by stopping them in the streets but I’m referring to the ‘get your tits out!’ then speeding away in a car and laughing. Also I live in a predominantly white country where our main minority are Asians who don’t engage in this behaviour so can’t even imagine how negros interact with women in the states but I have a pretty good idea.

Just stories I read about young girls being perved on in the streets make me see red - no one should be subjected to that - especially if you imagine it’s your daughter or sister - this whole post is just saying that if you’re the type to see a young developed teen on the street and shout obscenities then you should go foot first through a wood chipper - I’ve no issue with a man who approaches a woman on the street and states their attraction, because as you said women like that boldness, but if you’re just abusing your fellow woman for the sake of a laugh or to get off on them being uncomfortable - you’re scum.. and that’s all there is to it.. we can be better than these 3rd world behaviours

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to the fact you’re walking through the street with your teen daughter and you hear these comments

Absolutely. It would anger me, also because it's a young girl. It would reek of pedophilia, so that would be the core issue. Also, doing so in my presence is also an insult to me and my authority as a father. And I assume you are right that it is done by foreigners and minorities mostly - and I'd assume they seem to target young girls. That's not just mere degeneracy, that's rope-worthy behavior.

this whole post is just saying

You are absolutely correct about that. But if we talk about adults catcalling each other, in a rather light and playful environment, it's ok. It's like mutual smacktalking, in some sense it can be seen as a bird love dance ritual. But I see now that you have the image of some dark skinned, fishy rapey looking dudes catcalling young white girls with obscenities - I imagine 80s and 90s era.

But let me bring up slightly more broad conversation:

‘get your tits out!’ then speeding away in a car and laughing

That's bad behavior, usually done by young men. Part of masculinity is to break some minor rules, to show defiance towards authority and thus prove your bravery and grit. But still, it's just words and non-threatening.

The key of Christianity is to channel masculine energy in a positive way to benefit society. But we have a bigger issue - we lack masculinity. We are bombarded by faggotry, and the "men" among us are largely inactive pacifists. Testosterone has declined continually over the past century, and that could be the source of many of our problems.

For example the government does not fear us - not at all. We proved repeatedly that we will comply with everything and the police does not have to fear any repercussion even if they are enforcers of a dictatorship. The manliness to rise up against such tyranny is what we lack. I think we have enough of this "keeping men in check" programs, like "teaching men not to rape" or Gillette's propaganda ad with the council of men at the grill and whatnot.

Mind you, muslims and niggers still chimp out, and they get what they want. And we can't even muster a minimum of resistance against Marxist bullshit, whereas they go and burn down, loot and rape to achieve political goals on the offense.

With the masculinity we need we have to accept that unruly behavior (like catcalling) would increase as well. Can you imagine telling a black guy (assume you have a good reason) "nigger" straight into his face and just standing there still, starring at him, but ready to fight? This is the type of boldness we need to reconquer our societies. And some other cultures only understand and respect strength.

And if we burden ourselves with rules over rules and even criminalize speech, we basically punish men being manly, forcing us to pay attention to nuance and details - we are left with cucks and doomed to have our civilization collapse. I respect every white person who still has balls and just stomps on the eggshells we are forced to balance upon.