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This is hilarious. (
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Abortionists hate the disabled. (
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I've already read about 20% and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's basically an autobiography of uncle A with a lot of political commentary in between. You see the progression whereby he develops and expands his ideas, especially on the JQ: since he was a boy he developed a sense of German nationalism and it was only after he stayed in Vienna for some time that he began to hate (((them))), seeing that they controlled the media, the banks, etc... and they used dishonest and subversive tactics (some things never change).

I was surprised at how often he talked about religion and religious issues. Although it's pretty clear that he believed in God (he mentions the Lord Almighty), it's much less clear whether he was a Catholic, a Protestant or something else. He speaks of uniting the Catholics and the Protestants towards German goals.

What are your thoughts? Have you read the book? I'll probably do another post when I'm finished reading.

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So kings, last night I had a long talk with my fiancée (the type of stuff you use to ease a semi-normie into the JQ and other such things), in which at one point I even casually said the good old phrase, "At least we're not speaking German," accompanied with many many examples of (((cultural subversion))). I specifically told her about the events leading up to WWII that they don't tell you in the history books, and said I'd tell her more today (specifically the Weimar Republic era and how that led to a certain Austrian painter's rise to power). All in all, she seemed somewhat hesitant and perhaps even a little uncomfortable, but she is definitely open to learning more. I have plenty of information to share with her, but any help you all can provide would be greatly appreciated. Happy Thursday, friends. :)

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That's right, they want people to take a 3rd jab now 😂

A cure that works so well, you have to keep taking it *rubs hands*

They're gonna try normalizing getting "vaccinated" every few months or so, calling it now.

This way, they are setting up a pipeline to the veins of the people. Even if they aren't already injecting them with poison, they'll have every opportunity to start doing so whenever they please.

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