Take this with a grain of salt because I was born in the 90s, don't know that much about history admittedly (but I am intrigued by it and know more than most people), and also, after all, there's some things that aren't publicly known and information people like us just can't access, such as what exactly are the elites up to.

Anyway, I've been looking up info from reliable sources lately, and putting the time to read up on stuff even if it's boring, because it's the only way to figure out what happened in the past. Even if you have to go through censorship and biased articles, and read between lines, it's better than nothing tbh. That's how I figured out what I know about what fascism is really about, because I used to think it was bad and was one of those "leftists are the real fascist" kind of conservatives lol.

I've been looking up movies, documentaries, music etc from the end of the 20th century and I think the 70s is around the time the establishment changed its mind and started pushing the current political and social situation as we know it (correct me if I'm wrong on this), which as you know, is a complete opposite from the 50s and 60s.

At first, when this cultural shift just started, it must've been easy to pretend those movies, bands, social movements, etc, were going against the establishment. It's not like the system publicly announced it's intentions, and the change had to be gradual so people wouldn't freak out. I suppose it must've been a similar feeling as if, now, the system changed its agenda again and wanted to bring conservative values back and the elites started pushing for that. At first and until it became obvious the system is supporting it, we'd feel that we won and a lot of based people are defying the system openly.

It must've been plausible up to 10 years after I'd say. After that, still not realizing that new political and cultural situation is being pushed by the elites is retarded tbh. And 50 years later, like leftists do now? That's just braindead tbh. Most leftists weren't even born when the system they think they're fighting was a thing. Like how can they be so blind.

They claim to be the resistance, and all they're doing is helping the system fight it's resistance, which consists of people like us who rationally question things and don't like the system, as well as people who just is stuck with values from 50 years ago, either bc they're old or bc their parents taught them that. Both groups very niche, and most importantly powerless compared to the corporations, media and big tech that supports the left.

Yes. I refuse to watch it.


The more that I got to know the Democrats, the more I wanted to be a Conservative.

The more that I get to know the Conservatives, the more I want to be a Democrat.

The Conservatives say that they Conserve. Who still carries on the Mission of Margaret Sanger, and Lothrop Stoddard? I wonder.. if the Pro-Life Conservatives had their way, would Whites already be a Minority?

The Conservatives act like they care about Whites, but the only Whites that they preserve are Jewish! On the other hand, the Democrats pass laws that break up black families, and they offer gibs for more non-whites to come to their cities or stay there.

The Republicans think that the VAX should be taken by all people. The Dems want the POC to be Prioritized,

I think that we have been duped by the Conservatives, and it is time to take a look at the Left Again.

Make an argument against them, if you like.








1984 is when government

This could be us, bros. (media.consumeproduct.win) LOVE FOR LANDLORDS
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There is not anime which is good, no "sOMe gOod oNes" none, even if it's fucking "wholesome" it corrupts your minds and infantilzies your sexuality and morality. Those anime girls don't look human, they look fucking alien and are designed to corrupt your brain to hypersexualize everything around you, so you fap to and consoom more anime. You go on and on about NatSoc and improving but you cant even escape this godamn degeneracy, which leads me to believe alot of this is larp.

I can't take any of this seriously if I keep on seeing "muh wholesome anime" it's the very consoomerist shit this site was started to fight.

I don't care if it's "1980's retro aesthetic" there's a reason you are watching it and it's because you are a fucking ween that compensates for degeneracy by partaking in this movement.

I feel we are at the turning point of eliminating this evil from here, and we must stop this degeneracy which has striken us from the rear


I’m trying to find some based autobiographical/philosophy book to read

Happy birthday king (media.consumeproduct.win)
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consoom mein kampf (kosher edition) (media.consumeproduct.win)
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Ironic, huh?

So, I have recently learned that my great grandfather, through my grandmother's side, had family that is descended from North African Arabs, specifically Moroccans, or perhaps they were berbers. That I am not sure of. But I know that they were north Africans, unless my dad is full of shit, which is possible.

My great grandfather was a short and swarthy man, with brown eyes, and he was completely covered in hair, his hair color was black/very dark brown.

I myself look almost completely Aryan. My skin is pale white, I have silver colored eyes, and my hair is dark blonde. But, I did inherit all of my body hair being black, including my facial hair, which is completely black as well. As well as very thick body and facial hair growth, I had more hair on my arms and legs in the 7th grade than some adults, and I had a moustache in the 5th grade. I'm currently 18 and I have to shave every day because I have visible beard growth after about half a day (I prefer the clean shaven look because I have a good jawline, and I don't like the way beards feel. I've tried it before).

My dad looks like fucking Saladin from Kingdom of Heaven. Almost exactly, it's kind of eery.

I don't think it much matters though. And having 12.5% admixture from the most closely related ethnic group to Europeans, which millions of greeks, italians, and spaniards also have, is grounds for being a mutt. I'm not gonna beat myself up over it, that's retarded.

But do I lose my right to Aryan shitpost? I'll let the council decide

I must clarify though, yes, my entire family has always been christian. Including the mideastern ones

Like the title said, idk if what I have is quadricep or patella tendinitis. I have pain in my lower quad when I squat now, and it feels like my kneecap is tight. Can anyone help me. I went to my primary care doctor and they told me to rest a week and call back if it still hurts.

Discuss. (en.wikipedia.org)
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I do not treat my body like God's temple.

Countless times I've indulged in psychoactive substances. Countless times have I researched different esoteric psychoactive substances to get a sense of a thrill.

I have consoomed industrial solvents to get drunk and shitty THC derivatives to be intoxicated. I find myself intellectualizing my degeneracy often in order to rationalize continuing to indulge.

May God forgive me.

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