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This Weeks Discussion Theme: Stimulus checks

Stimi, stimi, stimi mommy govi give me stimi free money for yummy, yummy chicken tendie in my tummy.

This weekly is on stimulus checks. While discussion can go in the direction of whether they are helpful, harmful, or do nothing. A more interesting discussion is simply what to do with a stimulus check. Obviously put it to a good use for yourself. But what is a good use of what is essentially “free money”?

Discussion ideas: [NOTE: Be careful to not dox yourself]

  • Thoughts on stimulus checks, useful or just political pandering?
  • If you received a stimulus check, did it help you, did you put it to good use, or was a just a splurge check?

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That's how we do (media.consumeproduct.win)
posted ago by monkebrau ago by monkebrau
THEY KNOW (media.consumeproduct.win) POOLITICS
posted ago by Flammenwerfer ago by Flammenwerfer
This could be us, bros. (media.consumeproduct.win) LOVE FOR LANDLORDS
posted ago by BigBeef ago by BigBeef
Happy birthday king (media.consumeproduct.win)
posted ago by DeFens ago by DeFens
Spread the word. (media.consumeproduct.win)
posted ago by Lean ago by Lean

I live in Minnesota. I live near the Robbinsdale high school. About 40 minutes ago some niggers gained access to the loud speakers they typically use for the announcers during baseball or football games. They were shouting no justice no peace. All of the home owners around here are white. There are apartment complexes stacked with niggers though.

I live in a peaceful white suburb and I heard nigger voices chimping no justice no peace. I'm fairly convinced that this suburb is going to be hit in the up coming chimp out.

Wholesome Adolf (media.consumeproduct.win)
posted ago by Wolfram ago by Wolfram
We Wuz Micks (media.consumeproduct.win) WE WUZ KANGS
posted ago by ProductConnoisseur ago by ProductConnoisseur
Fed Ex shooter was a brony 🤡 (media.consumeproduct.win)
posted ago by CoomCrab ago by CoomCrab

His dying thoughts were "why can't I breathe under water? thats racist!"


In my pocket of God's beautiful creation, the tyrannical government has gracefully lifted all covid restrictions (idk why I am celebrating that a government is giving me freedom back but still). However, most people 70% or higher still wear masks everywhere they go.

This makes me happy in a way. To know that they still live every waking moment in fear of some invisible nothing burger. To know that they are stressed and sacrificing their own joy and happiness to blindly follow what television and social media has brainwashed them to believe.

They miss out on seeing close family members, inject mystery poison they claim is medicine into their veins, deny common sense and reasoning because they are scared sheep who don't know any better.

Why does this make me happy? Because I know they loathe every waking moment. Because when they see my friends and I in public that makes them physically angry to the point of confrontation. Me living my life and not living in fear propels their fear even more because they're worried about the spread of the virus due to non-compliance.

Let them stay afraid and inside and ruin their own mentality. Let them hate me and think I'm a terrible person for having common sense. Me and all the other non-compliers are taking up free real estate in their head. Us having a good time and seeing us live freely makes them seethe.

DNA doesn't care (media.communities.win)
posted ago by OrangeCatBad ago by OrangeCatBad
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